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Hello and welcome to, The Official website for ThunderChild Developments, On this site you will find all of our future/past projects as well as the newest game updates on our Dev's Blog and you can also sign up to our site too!

We hope you enjoy you're stay.


30th December 13:

Hello! I've updated the ThunderChild Developments Moddb page and plan to update this site sometime in the new year, I've got some idea's for games but noting solid yet.

Have a good new year all and any.

17th August 10:

yay! is now free of any traces from the website it used to be! (An old update site for myself) most if not all of its content has been moved here:

 Good chance I will give it the title of sooner or later.

 Thats all for now, but keep your eye's peeled on the Blog section on Saturday 21st as the newest WotW update will be out! It will also be on moddb but most likley on Sunday or Monday.

12th July 2010:


The site has been heavily changed and is now the official ThunderChild Development Website! which will host all the new updates for games FIRST.

This website will now be the main host for reviews and other video's as such and will get an update today!

27th February 2010 6:22PM:

Long time, No update huh. Well bad news is a lost the files for Taragon TPS and well the FF flash project isn't going.. well I'm not gunna lie its dormant.

 Good news is I'm working on other stuff now which I guess you could say is better and going somewhere in fact, The War Of The Worlds Game which is in well steady production mostly of models at the moment is up and running and on weekly updates over at check us out:

 Also I will uploading all my videos, be it Youtube random stuff, KvasirKnights Reviews or WotW stuff I will upload it all here and maybe even sometimes first who knows.

 Seriously thought I haven't updated this in a while - Kinda weird I liked where Taragon TPS was going - Also expect some more PSX games.


24th August 2009 4:21AM:

Ok well nothing much to update on, Taragon TPS has had some more work done on it so expect some pictures soon!

Also, any psp fans reading CHECK THIS OUT!:


Check it out, if you liked Left 4 Dead then you should love it when its portable.



Date - 5th August 2009 2:17AM

There will be some updates to the site such as the Design and a new area of the site this new area of the site concerns anybody who mods/hacks PSP's and wants to play PS1 (PSX) Games on there PSP, The new area of the site will be called PSX Eboots and will give accses to downloads for old PSX games to be downloaded with a small guide on how to put the games on the PSP and what you need to do it, Check it out... (Just a note, NONE OF the games that I put up for download will be usable on PSX PC/Mac Emulators)

Oh and I've stoped progress on FF7: Project Jenova, I will however continue work on it later, I have a new game in the works so expect to see Taragon: The Promised Land the demo could be released soon (Possible demo release dates are August or September) I will upload screen shots today more news soon.


News - Date: 27th May 2009 2:24PM

 Ok well, TES Tamriel has been cancelled due to the fact that Bethseda will not allow us to use there Lore and such in our game because it breachs copy right issues. Its a shame becuase we actully would have finished this project otherwise if it had not been frowned upon by Bethseda well it was and I would seem theres no way to change there mind so I'am afraid to say this game will not see the light of day. If you are thinking of making your own Elder Scrolls game REMEMBER you should build it with The TES construction set that comes free with TES:Morrowind or TES:Oblivion or you can download it and create your own game from scratch that is.

 Also about FF7 Project Jenova, Well its uncertain to be fair its a flash that I work on in my spare time between playing Games and ... no just playing games really. Dunno if I will do that preview.


First Real News - Date: March 31st 2009 09:01PM

New progress on TES: Tamriel Project on the RPG Maker Forums:


Flash News:

FF7 - Project Jenova is coming along and I may put a preview on the site at some point who knows, I also may be starting a new flash but I dunno about the name yet.